The Best 10 Local Flavor in Hong Kong

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  • Tai Yuen Street

    2721 2326

    Tai Yuen St, Wan Chai, 灣仔太原街

    Wan Chai

    “See, there are many things that I love about Hong Kong - all that density makes up for a diverse scenery, and all that commerce means everyone is at each…”?more

  • Flower Market

    Flower Market Road, 花墟道

    Prince Edward

    “Half the price of flowers you will find on Hong Kong island and Wan Chai area. A much larger variety as well. Countless vendors selling house plants, rose…”?more

  • Ladies’ Market

    Tung Choi Street, 通菜街

    Mong Kok

    “Shopping in Hong Kong... I enjoy bargains, so Ladies' Market was a fun place for me! There are about 3 blocks worth of vendors and even though we were there…”?more

  • Goldfish Market

    Tung Choi Street, 通菜街

    Prince Edward

    “Pretty much the largest collection of freshwater, saltwater fish and reptiles you can find anywhere, and is fascinating if you are into that. I also agree…”?more

  • Garden Hill



    Pak Tin, 白田


  • Temple Street Night Market

    “ a quintessentially Hong Kong environment of street food hawkers and stands selling all sorts of trinkets, souvenirs, and knockoffs. It's also not quite as crowded or as tightly packed-in as the night markets that…”?more

  • Knutsford Terrace

    Knutsford Terrace, 諾士佛臺

    Tsim Sha Tsui

    “You'd be hard pressed not to find something to your taste in Knutsford Terrace. You have to run the gauntlet of restaurant staff leaping on you and asking you…”?more

  • Star Street

    Star Street, 星街

    Wan Chai

    “My first review in Hong Kong! And it HAS to be for my favorite neighborhood in all of Hong Kong. (First, thank you Yelp for finally booking a ticket and…”?more

  • Victoria Harbour



    Victoria Harbour, 維多利亞港

    “Victoria Harbour --- this is thE place in Hong Kong where I melt. It is, for me, one of the most breathtaking and awesome (in the true meaning of the word)…”?more

  • Tai O

    10.?Tai O



    Tai O, 大澳

    Tai O

    “The distance from the city center almost put me off, but I was glad to make the long trip to Tai O. Located on the westernmost edge of Hong Kong, Tai O is a…”?more

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